Resource Augmentation

As demand for digital financial services grows, the
need for technological expertise is outpacing the
arrival of new talent into the industry. At SdpX, we
help you expand your digital services and presence
by offering a full range of resource augmentation
services to help you connect with experts in the
field while simultaneously lowering operational

What is Resource

Resource augmentation is a business solution that arose from the increasing need for tech talent.

In the financial industry, customers are growing more and more expectant of seamless digital services. SdpX’s resource augmentation services help to bolster financial institutions by providing nearshore and onshore outsourcing of talent and technology solutions.

When you work with the right third-party FinTech company for resource augmentation, benefits can include:

  • Access to a Larger Talent Pool: When seeking out technology experts to add as permanent members of your team, you are competing against every other financial institution for a small pool of applicants. With resource augmentation, you gain access to a wide assortment of already curated talent.
  • Cutting-Edge Tech Resources: Investing in advanced technologies can be incredibly complex and expensive. Resource augmentation services provide you access to cutting-edge technologies without the need to drastically overspend on your budget.
  • Fast-Paced Expansion: A primary advantage of resource augmentation is the ability to expand your business with greater speed. These services eliminate the need for the time-consuming responsibilities of onboarding new staff or implementing technological solutions on your own.

SdpX’s On-Demand Resource Augmentation Services

Here at SdpX, we offer the resource augmentation you need to expand the digital prowess of your institution. For more than 15 years, the SdpX team has worked diligently to provide our clients with top-notch banking technology and services.

When you work with SdpX, you receive a single solution rather than having to rely on a multitude of different providers. This provides you not only with greater efficiency but reduced risk and higher accountability as well.

Our resource augmentation services come with the advantages of:

Split-Site Offices

A major hurdle for financial institutions to overcome is the need for high-level programming and development without the sacrifice of budgetary and resource constraints. We utilize split-site offices to ensure our programming builds are both sophisticated and cost-effective.

With offices split across the Americas, SdpX promises to provide real-time services according to your specific time zone.

We leverage split-site resources that are flexible and innovative. Additionally, we employ DevOps software delivery strategies to help you achieve faster and more efficient builds at a lower cost. SdpX works within your standard budget to transform your operations and systems.

Skilled Teams

SdpX is proud to provide our clients with experts trained in both technology and banking. With the help of our dually-trained teams, your institution receives everything needed for resource augmentation. From consultation and development to ongoing support, we work diligently to ensure all your bases are covered.

Our team is spread across the Americas, with many working out of our nearshore delivery centers in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Fortaleza. Additionally, SdpX has a large presence in South America, providing institutions in this region with the digital transformation and financial technology services they need.

Testing Automation

To stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive, it is essential for financial institutions to seek out resource augmentation providers that offer build-to-test services.

At SdpX, we build code into automated testing scripts. This enables the performance and remote monitoring of continuous testing at a low cost and high rate of throughput. Not only does this reduce overall risk, but it also reduces the time needed to develop and release new products and services.

Plus, our highly skilled teams are specialists in financial markets.

We understand the complexities of security and policy requirements, ensuring our clients are not burdened by the demands of governance and compliance later down the road.

Benefits of Working with SdpX for Resource Augmentation

SdpX’s resource augmentation services are designed with the individual needs of each client in mind. Not only do we provide a singular and cost-effective solution, but we also customize our services to meet the requirements of your budget and business objectives.

Benefits of working with SdpX for resource augmentation include:

High-Speed Service

We categorize our services as “on-demand,” placing top priority on providing clients with exceptionally fast processes and project-starting speeds.

Rather than wasting time on lengthy contract and workflow processes, SdpX services are available for immediate use and implementation following an initial consultation.

Not only do we prioritize speed for our own deliveries, but we place the speed of your development projects at the forefront as well.

With the help of our expertly-tailored strategies, your business can enjoy greatly boosted speed of delivery, flexibility, and scalability.

Cost Reduction

At SdpX, we help our clients save up to 60 percent on their resource augmentation costs.

Utilizing our split-site office model, SdpX connects our clients with teams in or near their physical location. Compared to competitors, our rates are configured with budgetary restrictions and convenience in mind.

Growth Opportunities

With SdpX, your institution receives the resources needed to innovate. Our solutions help clients improve their digital transformation strategies to gain a more competitive edge in increasingly saturated financial markets.

Along with resource augmentation, we also provide clients with the services needed to complete reliable platform implementations and cloud migrations. SdpX helps you to develop strong channel strategies to improve customer relations and overall satisfaction.

Book Your Resource Augmentation Consultation Today

Don’t waste your valuable budget on overpriced and time-consuming technology services. Contact SdpX to learn more about our cost-saving resource augmentation and schedule your initial consultation today!

    Book Your Resource Augmentation Consultation Today

    Don’t waste your valuable budget on overpriced and time-consuming technology services. Contact SdpX to learn more about our cost-saving resource augmentation and schedule your initial consultation today!