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Understand Our Comprehensive Compliance Requirements

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Commitment to Compliance

At SDPX, adhering to regulatory standards is paramount. We ensure all processes are transparent and meet global compliance benchmarks to secure your trust and protect our operations.


Corporate Client Onboarding Requirements

To register as an entity or corporation, please provide the following essential documentation to meet compliance standards.

Corporate Requirements

List of Requirements

Company Formation Documentation

Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of Incorporation, List of Directors, and current Shareholders showing ownership percentages.

Ownership and Organizational Details

  • Organizational Chart of Corporate Holding Structure.
  • For any shareholder owning 20% or more, provide additional Company Formation Documentation.

Identification and Proof of Address

  • Two pieces of valid photo ID (Passport, National ID, Driver License).
  • Proof of Company Address such as Utility Bill or Office Lease Agreement (dated within the last 90 days).

Compliance for Individuals

Individual Client Onboarding Requirements

Individual clients need to submit the following documentation for verification.

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Detailed Individual Requirements

List of Requirements

Identification and Personal Verification
  • Two pieces of valid photo ID (Passport, National ID, Driver License).
  • Proof of Residential Address (Utility Bill, Bank Statement, dated within last 90 days).
Financial Documentation

Bank Statement titled in the individual’s name (dated within the last 90 days).

Start Your Compliance Process Today

Ensure a smooth onboarding by preparing all necessary documentation. Reach out to our compliance team for any assistance.